So my husband said something today that I've heard a million times before... But the way he worded it sounded so much better than any version I've ever thought of. He said that you have to love what you do. You have to have passion for your work because then it makes it seem like your not working. You're still living. He said he has friends that hate their work or their job and they can't wait for the weekend to really live. He told me that he wants to live everyday and doing what he loves allows him to do that. Cooking makes him feel alive everyday. Not just on his days off, but every time his hands touch food. That's a powerful thing. Powerful to be able to find something that you have a deep passion for. But also powerful that food has the ability to make someone feel alive. Or maybe some days, it's not the actual food as an ingredient, but the ability to craft something with your hands that gives others so much pleasure. Knowing that what you've created and put time and thought and love into has the ability to create an unforgettable experience for someone else. Or that it can transport people to different times or places with the taste or smell of something that you've created. Igniting other peoples senses. It takes a unique individual to appreciate food in that manner, but that's a whole different story. Different entry all together. My husband reminded me of why I'm proud to do what I do. And he reminded me that although there are many difficulties in pursuing an art form, the payoff is in your personal satisfaction. Whether or not you feel alive. I am thankful I don't work a 9-5 office job