Chef Gino walked around the kitchen today and gave everyone $5. I'm not really sure why and he mumbled something about everyone deserving tips. Haha, it was random but it was cool. Funny guy.

But for those of you who read my blog for insight on the ins and outs, reality, secrets and life of a cook, here is some insight:

My year to date income for 2012 is $5. Yes, the $5 chef Gino handed me this morning. And I doubt it will be any higher than $500 come September.

I told my parents that they will be seeing me in their home for quite some time. I've also decided to become a charity case and I'm now accepting personal checks, gas money and loose change. Hahaha, joking...



  1. Ya, well, our food bill went way up after you came home! AND I have a lot more dishes to do! AND my jeans are squealing! But other than that we sympathize with your situation. :P Don't worry. We love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Tell you what...we'll match Gino's $5! :P xox

  2. p.s.psst! The knowledge and experiences you have earned this year are priceless! You can't buy that! ;) xox