Sudden realization today while eating #274829101 squacquerone, rucola, prosciutto piadina sandwich:

What the HELL am I going to do when I leave here and no longer have instant access to incredible food?! Doesn't matter where I go, I'll be away from fresh Piadina and fresh Stracchino and Squacquerone di San Patrignano, my all time favorite food and current obsession!!! Oh my god! I can get my hands on fresh arugula and pay a hefty price for prosciutto... And its a good thing I learned how to make piadina at work. But fresh stracchino or squacquerone???? Nothing compares, especially the squacquerone from san patrignano. I'm doomed. Done for. Finished.

Currently depressed. I better eat all the piadina sandwiches I can now while I'm still here. :)

And you think I'm joking...


  1. awwww......


    this post makes me sad because I know you are not joking. It is the truth, you will be heartbroken to leave Italy.

    hey, speaking of missing things, any special american things you miss? ;)

    let's skype soon ok?

    mi manchi!

  2. Now come on!!! You KNOW you can't wait for an In N Out Burger and OUR mac n cheese! :P Can't wait to try one! Put that on our to do list! MMMmmm!