I've lost my eurorail pass. And I'm freaking out. I've spent all morning crying and retracing my steps and going to places I may have left it and nothing. I emptied my suitcase and re folded everything about 3 times. I've ripped my bed apart looking in all the cracks and spaces. It's gone. I can't find it. And it makes me sick. I had 10 uses on it and I've used 2. And it was more than $500. I don't know what to do, keep looking and freaking out/crying or just move on. Both seem impossible. I need a hug so bad. And the comfort of home. It's something like this that makes me want to be home with what I know. Kamil spent time with me, gave me a hug and helped me look, which was very nice. But I'm still so upset. I had plans to venture out today and I've done nothing. And on top of it all, I've been fighting a cold that just seems to be getting worse. I bought, once again, more cold medicine hoping it will get better. Ahhhhhh!!!!!

I'm just really mad right now. At myself. How could I lose something so important and expensive. If I was typing to a random audience, there would be a slew of curse words right about now. But I know you guys and don't want to offend you. =P use your imagination.

Send good vibes that it will turn up. Somehow.


  1. Hey Ash, We'll pray for you this morning at Trinity. Hang in there!

  2. It'll be ok Asho. HUG! You did your bestest to find it. HUG! Now let it go. HUG! We are here at your fingertips, a skype away and we're cheering you on 200% no matter what. HUG! HUG! HUG! Your memories, smells, sights, feelings, tastes and amazements of this trip can never be lost so try not to let these things hinder your adventure. HUG! KISS! HUG! You're awesome and we love you to pieces! XOXOXOXOX