Hidden places

Picture this. Im walking down the streets of Dublin at night. Not sure of what I want to do first. Kind of hungry. Kind of thirsty. Just wondering. Walking down the street and it starts to look dull, but then there is an alley. From the alley, I see lights and a faint sound of a crowd of people. Deciding to check it out, I turn down the alley and slowly walk towards the sound. The sound grows louder and it's accompanied by loud music. Live music. As I continue walking down, I arrive at a corner bar, where the sound is bursting out of the wooden doors. So I HAVE to walk in... tons of people and very live Irish music. I walk in to what feels like a movie. Literally.

You know that scene in Titanic where Jack takes Rose downstairs to his 'real' party? I'm not kidding you, it was JUST like that. Very crowded, drinks everywhere, people dancing the same way, people clapping the same way, cheering the same way and then a two or three man band that was playing the exact same song from that scene. NO JOKE! I had to laugh! It was fantastic. My first night in Dublin I felt was pretty authentic. So I sat down, had some Irish stew, a Guinness and watched the crazy drunk Irish people dance, hoot, and holler! What a welcoming!

I left around 8 because one of my roommates, Anna, invited me to go with her and her friend to watch the Barcelona vs. Madrid futbol game. She is from Catalonia which is Barcelona. Anna, and her friend Pol (Paul), took me up the street to Murray's Pub and upon walking in, I thought it was an ok place. Lots of older people, kind of quiet, doesn't look like a bar to watch a game at, but I knew we would have fun. Then Anna went around the side, through an unsuspecting back door, up the stairs and voila! A huge room with multiple tv screens and packed full of people of all ages and ethnicities wearing their favorite teams colors. Everyone was chanting, cheering, banging on the walls and hugging each other as Barcelona won the game. I have never watched a futbol game before like that and it was definitely worth the experience.

I didn't know what could compare to London once I left. But Dublin is doing a pretty good job. There is definitely more to see in London but Dublin has a different vibe. Relaxed, laid back, let's just all have fun vibe. No one tries too hard to impress. Everyone seems very real. I'm meeting up with my friend Vivien's friend today. I've never met him but I've been promised I wll have fun. Haha, I can't wait!


  1. Jealous... very jealous... try to kind some cousins.

  2. Is this Bryan? Wizzlewazzle? Haha

  3. Things can be replaced. It's the delightful surprises and unexpected experiences andmeeting fascinating people that are priceless! These are the things you will remember and cherish forever! Look out world, move over Samantha Brown! I so wish I could have been there with you. You know I would have been on that dance floor embarassing you to death. lol! I adore your writing. It is so you! Your curiousity and enthusiasm are infectious. You and Wizzlewazzle teach me everyday!