Berlin is beautiful. Its eclectic, it's rich with history, it's big and it's breathtaking! I don't think I have walked so much in my life, except for maybe when I did the LA marathon. The beautiful architecture and synagogues and cathedrals kept going, one after the other! As soon as we finished with one, we rounded the corner and there were at least 3 more! You can also feel the history oozing out of everything and all of the surroundings. We walked up our street, saw that bus M85 was the closest bus, and decided to get lost from there; no matter where we went, if we hopped on M85, we would get back ok. And so we decided to wonder and that was our best decision of the day.

We saw Brandenburger Tor, Berliner Dom (and went to the top), Holocaust Memorial (and the museum underneath it), Topography of Terror and the last remaining remenants of the Berlin Wall, Hitler's Bunker, Humbolt University, walked through a street market, and sooooooo much more! The last remaining meters of the Berlin Wall was definitely one of my favorites. Seeing the size of the wall with all the graffiti, feeling the energy it gave off and trying to place myself in that time was unreal. It's big, falling apart and beautiful because it represents the separation and then the revolt of separation. But honestly, I can't pick a favorite from today. Berlin is like walking in to a history book and it's truly fascinating. Don't worry, I took tons of pictures I will share later. Which brings me to my last point...

Standing on a bridge outside the Berliner Dom, I asked a really nice looking older man who didn't speak English, if he could take a picture of Ashleigh and I. Smiling, he nodded that he would, so Ash and I went over and posed. He took a picture, gave us a signal that he was taking one more and then BAM! He dropped my camera. I wasn't worried at first since I've done it plenty of times before. But I guess this time was it for my poor canon. I went over to him and the entire lens was cracked and jammed so that it wouldn't turn on or retract itself back into the camera. His family rushed over, daughter and wife, and they noticed the damage. I was in shock and was speechless thinking, " you're kidding, right? Me? Now!?" . The old man looked mortified. I didnt know what to say becasue I knew it was an accident. He was wearing gloves and didnt mean to drop it. The look on his face said it all and he was even grabbing his head in disbelief. He spoke just enough english to tell me he had to fix it because he felt guilty. Thankfully his daughter spoke English and she wrote down all the information she had: phone number, hotel and hotel room, and a meeting place for tomorrow at 10am. They want to buy me a new camera.

Ahhh! After such a great day, this really put a damper on things because I am in a place where my camera is VITAL!! I need a camera. With that said, I also don't feel right about this sweet old man buying me a new one because it was an honest mistake. An accident that could've happened at anytime and he happened to be the trigger. I will go and meet with him tomorrow (if this is legit and he really shows up), but I can't live with myself if he pays more than half. I don't know... I'm just bummed. I really liked the camera I had and now I have to try to find a replacement that's just as good in a foreign country with or without this man's money. It sucks, either way. :/

But I wont let anythng get me down. Im allowing myself some time to be upset and then I'm cutting it off because no matter what, things will turn around. As long as I acknowledge how I feel and allow it to sink in, I can move on faster. So I've been bummed for awhile tonight and now I'm cutting it off and going to sleep. It's been a long and eventful day and tomorrow is another surprise, I'm sure.


  1. So so sorry asho! Sounds like you made the most of Chan's tour and thank goodness for memory cards! Remember Hawaii's old school film fiasco? One step back but many fascinating steps forward! No worries, deep breaths and all will be fine. We left you a message on skype. Go read that first. Ov oo! xox

  2. Berlin sounds amazing and definitely more interesting than learning a history lesson out of a book. I look forward to seeing your photos. Sorry to hear about your camera but it was generous of the man to offer to fix it, most would just give it back & walk away. Smile it is all going to work out.

  3. Beaker&Bang in the house, following your every adventure and cheering you on!