Dublin home!

I want to update so bad but I am in the midst of relaxing!!! Róisín, my Irish friend I met at the London hostel, offered her home to me for my last night in Dublin and I totally took advantage. A home, with a bed, a normal shower, food, tv, and tea?!? How could I pass that up??? So I'm currently on her couch, watching tv, with a full stomach and happy as a clam! My god!! Not only was she great at showing me the Dublin pubs, but she offered the one thing that I miss the most: a home!!! I'm in complete bliss right now and therefore not going to bother to update about my Dublin experience. Its just going to have to wait because THIS is the ultimate Dublin experience.

<333333 thank you Róisín and family!!!

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  1. We have family in Ireland!!! Woo hoo! Make sure you thank all of them from us too! Hilarious to see her little brother doing the Cramer wave! Adorable! Even the dog! lol! How was the pizza? :P Good luck with your wake-up call! High-five gs! xox