Eating through Paris

I've literally eaten my way through Paris. Of course, I have enjoyed seeing Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower twice, Sacre Coeur, Versailles, Moulin Rouge, Luvre, and other beautiful monumens but the most fun memories have been all the eating and drinking. The French know how to eat. They know good food. Real food. Real butter, real cheese, real bread, real coffee, etc etc etc. I could go on alllllll day about how great everything tastes but honestly, it's something you have to experience. None of my words or descriptions would do it justice. Strong vocabulary won't put the flakey, buttery, dissolving croissant taste in your mouth. Or the salty, creamy yet chewy hot soup l'oignon gratinee. Or even the crunch of the baguette that's still warm, covered in salty sweet goat cheese with fig jam on top. None of my words would work. And most definitely, none of my words would make you feel the feeling I get when sitting at a French cafe, sipping some variety of red wine, devouring a giant bowl of marinated mussels, and talking about life and future plans with Ashleigh as we enjoy the Parisian view. It simply can not be explained. I can't wait to upload all my photos to share so at least a visual would help. Because after 6 or so days, I've learned that Paris isn't a word or description. Or even an idea. Its a feeling. And it's a taste. A beautiful taste. So different and so real!!

As far as sightseeing goes, the Ch√Ęteau Versailles was definitely something worth seeing. The amount of gold dripped on EVERYTHING makes you feel very luxurious( and also makes you realize how much of a douche Louis XIV was ;) ). I enjoyed walking through the palace and the gardens, even as it rained, but I especially enjoyed the baguette with framboise jam and cheese Ashleigh and I shared while waiting to get it. But then again, that's just me. The Eiffel Tower is breathtaking. It's a big monument that represents Paris; it is the iconic figure that everyone knows Paris for. It's a tourist trap and it's windy and cold at the top but being there and seeing it is a reality check: you are in PARIS!!! Ahhhh!!! But once again, of course, my favorite part of seeing the Eiffel Tower was sitting on the wall, across the street with a perfect view, eating popcorn with Ashleigh and having it blow away and spill in the wind just as the tower lit up. Perfect timing. Heh. And the St. Chappelle cathedral was gorgeous, definitely one of my favorites. The walls are covered in stained glass windows which gives the room a vibrant, colorful feel, even on our cloudy rainy day. Definitely a must see.

Ahhhh, Paris!! Too much for words. So beautiful and tasty!! Tonight, I hope to score a rotisserie chicken, some red wine and spend time with Ashleigh and our Australian friend, Hamish. Its our last night here and it will be enjoyed to the fullest, just like every other day :D

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  1. Grandma says "Crepes are easy! You just have to mix everything together and wait an hour." To which I repied, "Well get to skippin!" I remember when my grandma would come from Wales and they would make them when I was a kid with lemon, sugar and butter. Ooh la la! I read your words and then closed my eyes and I can almost taste it. I can only imagine!