Giant sun

I just had a break through moment. Everything hit me at once and I pulled out my journal and started writing. I wrote about 3 pages, literally dropped my journal and realized that the happiness I have inside is massive. I looked at ash and said "we are so happy right now. Unbelievably happy. And it shows. I am finally FINALLY completely wrapped in this journey. I am fully submerged in my travels and there is no part of me left untouched. I feel like I have a giant sun in the center of my chest and its beaming out of me". Maybe that sounds ridiculous or dramatic, but I don't care. The way in which this trip has made me feel is like nothing I have felt before. I feel so far away from my old life but still so in touch and in tune with what is important. I'm lost in the glory of being nomadic and on the move, and I'm enjoying every second of it. Through my smiles, tears, laughs, anger, confusion and tastes, I wouldn't take anything back. It all happened because it was suppose to.

Haha I apologize for the mushy feelings but it had to be said. And now is out there and I feel so alive! My next post will be back to my daily life, I promise ;)


  1. "Here comes the sun do do do do!" xoxox

  2. Ashley, it shows! Revel in it!

  3. It does sound ridiculous; it is dramatic, but it is what it is. Your enthusiasm and appreciation for life right now are so beautiful. People should envy you for what you are feeling at this moment. I know I do! Feel it. Live it.