French food

Day 1:
1- crepe with butter, sugar and lemon
2- mulled wine
3- croissant au buerre, cafe, cheese plate with Camembert, Roquefort, comté
4- beef tartare (egg yolk, onions, capers, pickles), Bordeaux wine
5- 2.90€ bottle of wine

Day 2:
1- beignet aux pommes, cappuccino
2- ham, butter and cheese baguette
3- French onion soup, fries, souffle with creme anglaise, cote du Rhone wine
4- crepe with nutella and banana
5- champagne, prosciutto with olives and Swiss, potato fries/chips
6- the rest of the 2.90€ wine

Day 3:
1- cereal and tea
2- baguette, French taleggio cheese (name unknown), framboise jam
3- glass of rosé, shared bottle of pay d'or chardonnay, fries
4- Ashley Hinton pasta and wine
5- chocolate crepe, shared 1/2 bottle of Bordeaux wine
6- chocolate hazelnut bar

Day 4:
1- aveyronnaise salad with fattened duck, Roquefort,nuts and toasted bread, cappuccino
2- vanilla and pistachio macaroon
3- earl grey tea
4- 5.90€ red wine, fig goat cheese, croissant
5- escargot, foie gras green bean salad, shared bottle of Chardonnay, chocolate mousse

Day 5:
1- xxl croquet monsieur, fries, salad, cappuccino
2- marinated mussels with fries, shared bottle of beaujolais
3- nutella and almond crepe, shared bottle of Cabernet franc

Day 6:
1- chocolate and almond croissant, cappuccino
2- apple, baguette, chèvre rolled in golden raisin and currants, Camembert, peppercorn camembert
2- hopefully a rotisserie chicken!!!

1- 20 lbs fatter
2- tight jeans
3- happy traveler


  1. I think you need more fries with that! Wow! Thanks for the droolfest! All while wearing your new French boots and beret! ;) Bon Appetit happy traveler! Cheers! :D

  2. LOVE!!!!!!!!!

    Those French sure know something about food and wine. Did you go to that market I told you about yet? It is amazing.

  3. Haahahahhaahh! This is why I love you.