1/2 a conversation

I had my first Italian conversation tonight!!! Aside from ordering at a restaurant (vorremo una bottiglia chianti, vorrei due cappucini, il conto per favore), I actually talked with someone today. Well, I understood maybe MAYBE half of what was said BUT he spoke broken English and with my broken Italian, we were able to have a very lovely conversation! He was my server at a restaurant for dinner and we talked about my dessert, and then my work, and then the weather and Italy. He said my little Italian was very good and that gave me more confidence in wanting to learn. I'm glad I'm breaking down the wall of communication! It's intimidating for me to talk with a local, especially because they talk so fast. I'm slowly (very slowly) but surly learning the language. It was a nice conversation.... And then he smiled and gave me his number. And I realized our learning each others languages was not the most important thing on his mind, as it was for me. Haha I should've known. Tricky tricky Italian man!

Next time, I'll be more aware. And maybe learn the words in Italian to avoid such situations.

Come si dice "naive" in Italiano?


  1. So, he was diggin' on the hottie, eh?

  2. Brava ragazza! Buon lavoro!
    Ricorda questa frase: Cerco per un marito italiano con un saco di soldi. Si lui lavora in un ristorante, non ha un saco di soldi.
    Ancora, si dice vorremo per due personne (we would like), e vorrei per una persona (I would like).
    Si vuoi practicare di parlare italiano, facciamo un conversazione in italiano. va bene?
    sono orgogliosa di te. Brava. :)