Ear plugs

I was trying to describe to my friend Riccardo what it's like to work in the kitchen here in San Marino and I thought of the perfect example:

Its like walking in to work everyday with ear plugs in.

In a field that is solely based on senses, like cooking, your ability to produce top products is as good as your ability to feel, smell, taste, hear and see. I don't have much experience compared to other cooks and there is a lot I need and want to learn; my ability to cook (feel, smell, taste, hear and see) is still developing. But by working here, I might as well have earplugs in. If all my senses are still mediocre, I can't afford to be down a sense completely! I need all the senses I can get! So I wrote last week that because I'm working in a kitchen that speaks a different language than I do, I will be learning how to cook based on my senses alone. Yeah, REVISION: I will be learning how to cook based on the only senses I have left. Ahhh! Hahahahaha

As much as I stress and write about this language problem, I know it's good for me. Submersing myself in a new country, language, way of life. And I probably should give myself more credit... I'm sure I've picked up or learned more language than I think. But it's just TOO easy to recognize how behind I am and not easy enough to see how far I've come. In time, I'm sure I'll read back on some of these entries and shake my head at myself.

Patience, Ashley. Patience. If language isn't the only thing I learn, patience should be next on the list.

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  1. We bow Sensei...or would that be sense-eh? :P