Dash #2

I've been doing a lot in Venice and I took a day trip to Verona today, the city of love! I don't know if that was the smartest decision to make, traveling to the city of love alone... But I had a great time regardless. Call me an idiot but I didnt quite make the connection between Verona and city of love until I actually got there and then it was rubbed in my face. But on any note, it's beautiful, fun, small enough for a great day trip and I had the best pasta! I want to write more but I'm exhausted and have to travel to Bologna tomorrow so I'm just going to copy and paste what I wrote earlier today:

Totally forgot to share my other train dash story!! On my way from Rome to Venice, I bought the ticket the day before, making sure I bought the cheapest one (40€ instead of 90€). So the next day, I wake up on the later side and I know I need to hustle to the train station in order to find my train, get on, etc. it's also icy and snowy outside and I'm carrying all my luggage. I get to the train station and can't find any board with departure times and I get antsy. I ask a few people and they aren't very helpful, but one points me downstairs. I lug my stuff downstairs and the departure board only gives the track number maybe 7 minutes before the train departs, leaving no time for error. I find my train, but the departure time is off by 3 minutes. I figure " crazy Italians changing things, that must be it". I sit and wait, finally get the track number and head to the train. Get all bags on the train, find my seat and settle in. Whew. I look across at someone else's ticket and notice its completely different. So I ask a girl near me, who doesn't speak English and I basically find out I'm on the wrong train... The 90€ one that takes less time. Ahhh! And it's 2 minutes before taking off! I scramble, once again off a train, gather my stuff, pushing people out of the way, get my luggage, literally throw it off the train, again, and tumble down after it, again. It feels oh so familiar. The conductor happens to be standing right there and he looks at me with a lot of confusion. I can't find my ticket to ask him any questions and he doesn't speak any English either. I'm looking for my ticket, thinking the whole time that I'm missing the train I'm suppose to be on and now i have to spend another 40€ buying another ticket which adds up just to about the price of the one I was on that goes faster. I find my ticket, hand it to the man and he cracks a smile and says " you're ok... Get on". And he winks. I exhale so loudly and say " yessss!!" and he starts busting up laughing, probably thinking "crazy American girl, I don't care which train you take" since I'm finding out now that they really don't care. And then I realize I have about 30 seconds to get my heavy awkward bag back on the train and face the people I pushed out of the way. Ha! Ugh... I did it though. And I lucked out with a shorter trip to Venice for less than half price. Thank you mr. Italian conductor. I am forever grateful. Except it's now about 4 days later and my arm is killing me from yanking my bags around in a panic. Ahh, the trains. I'll never get it right :P

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  1. L.M.A.O. minus the arm part!!! You are your own city of love! xox