Watch out

Ok. Brace yourself.

I'm totally ok with people helping me speak Italian, correcting my words and sentences so that I am speaking properly.


This has only happened maybe twice since I've been in Italy but it irritates me to no end. Two times have I encountered some asshole who makes some rude comment about me speaking Italian. It's something along the lines of I need to practice my Italian or I need to stop speaking English and start speaking italian. They stop me after I've said something in English, and make a point to tell me that word in Italian...


Ok, thank you. I'm sorry, GRAZIE. Excuse me, ive been speaking the same language for 23 years so a new one is a little bit of a challenge. As if my inability to formulate a complete sentence in Italian wasn't a BIG enough clue that yes, I DO need to practice my Italian. Thank you for pointing that out. And why the hell is MY speaking Italian so important in YOUR life? Why does it mean so much to you. Furthermore, the last time I checked, you don't know me. You don't know what I've been doing, where I have come from, and more importantly, who I am. Because if you knew who I was, you'd know that that is the exact wrong thing to say to me right now. It's the ONE thing that can really push my buttons at this moment. So pardon me, but in English, we say shove it. (actually worse, but I'm editing myself)

I swear the next person that makes some crack along the same line will not leave the conversation feeling like have taught me any Italian language. I promise.

Whew. I feel better :)


  1. Tell them va fancuolo. You are doing a great job, don't let anyone tell you anything else.

  2. There are people in this world that just don't like American's because all they have ever known, in their small world, is what they've heard or seen on tv. American's do the same thing. The religious comment was completely uncalled for. All you can do is smile and ignore those people. Perhaps learn in Italian how to tell them to exercise some patience and compassion because you are REALLY trying. Or better yet...how to say, "And how's that working for ya?" Not all people are open-minded, tolerant or even kind. There have been plenty of people you have met that are and only they deserve your energy. I know nobody messes with you but truthfully don't waste your time getting in a pissing contest with a skunk. Just walk away before it stinks. It's not worth it and two wrongs don't make a right. Just be proud of who you are and where your from and consider the source. You are awesome no matter where you are from! Next! ;) xoxox

  3. Or what Rebecki said. LOL! :x

  4. Hang in there Ash! Communication can be one of the most frustrating things even when speaking the same language! Some people don't know how to embrace differences, and you're totally right about them not knowing the challenges you are facing. Knowing you, you are probably doing better than you think. I can't wait for you to teach me some Italian when you get back... when you get back...

  5. I had a suspicion what Becky's suggestion was, but when checking it out on Google translate, fancuolo came back in English as fancuolo. Then I noticed the "did you mean fanculo?" Suspicion confirmed. LOL!

    And I thought email was tough...