Note to self: it is better to learn a foreign language BEFORE trying to live in that country.

Next time...


  1. So did you find anyone in the restaurant that speaks English?

  2. So are you on the mop & bucket brigade? Mom told me about the busted pipe. Bummer. You'll survive with that tenacity and those Hunter boots.

    Make the best of a weird situation and you will endear yourself as the "helpful American". We're behind you 1000%!!!

  3. Il tuo italiano è molto buono per un tempo così breve! I hope that is right! hahaha

  4. instant immersion! constant practice! you will learn Italian much quicker by being there than studying from a book here. you are in the best place to learn. and if you want to practice or need someone to help you, I need to practice so I don't forget everything. :)
    brava tua mamma! Anche lei ha imparato un po!

  5. Ha! The 'brava mamma' part caught my eye! Google translate is my friend. ;) Don't ask ME to pronounce it or remember it. Ashley's been teaching and inspiring me!