Epiphany: learning how to cook in an Italian kitchen without speaking Italian is the best blessing I could be given. Why? As I said yesterday, cooking is done with your five senses: hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and touching. If I can successfully learn Italian technique without speaking, that means I've based my learning off those five senses alone. I've learned how to cook based on what FEELS right, what my senses are telling me.

That, my friends, is the goal.

News update: Chef Sartini pulled me aside today, introduced me to Mrs. Righi who informed me that she would be getting me some chef coats and moving me in to an apartment on Monday. Chef then told me in Italian that someone will be taking me to the police station on monday to get my visa because I will be working pastry/antipasti for one month, pasta for one month, and meat/fish station for one month. Looks like I'll be here for the next three months.

Living in Italy. Working at a fantastic restaurant. With an apartment and chef coats provided. How did this happen?????


  1. Awesome Ashley! What a fantastic post to read first thing this morning in the USA!

    SO proud and excited for you!

  2. Thanks Daniel!! Good morning by the way!!

  3. YES!!! Molto eccitante!!! Who says dreams can't become reality!! Ted says, "UHH!" That's our girl! Family Hug! Ov oo!!!

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  5. It happened because you committed yourself to being there. It's really amazing how much support is available when you first support yourself. Believing in yourself is the foundation, and without that, there is no support for the rest of the building...congratulations!!!!

  6. 3 months!!! Really?!?!? Are you ready to commit to that length of stay after only a few days on the job? You must have a serious level of confidence to make that call already, in which case...Sto tirando per voi.